Our Workshop is open for regular hours: Tuesday-Saturday, 10am-4pm

~ Urban Beekeeping ~ Gentle & Hygienic Local Queens and Nucleus Colonies ~ Beekeeper Education~ Swarm Removal ~Based in Hamilton, Ontario, we offer our services to beekeepers throughout the Greater Hamilton and Toronto Areas.

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Organically Managed Honey Bees:               

Locally raised Ontario Honeybees available to rent, sponsor, or buy. We breed our bees for gentleness and hygienic behaviour (disease resistance). To ensure we produce the purest honey and healthiest bee possible, our bees are not treated with synthetic miticides or antibiotics. Our bees are located in rural and urban apiaries, and are not placed near crops treated with neonicotinoid insecticides.

We are a licensed Queen & Nuc producer (a copy of the certificate is available upon request) and our hives are inspected and registered in accordance with Ontario regulations.

Local Queens are available from May-September every year, and can be picked up or shipped via Canada Post; place an order now for priority delivery of 2020 local queens.

Top bar style nucleus colonies and lessons available in addition to standard Langstroth hives.

Beekeeping Lessons: 

We offer private lessons or group beekeeping lessons on a variety of topics for all skill levels.

Contact Us if you would like to book private lessons or speak to us about arranging a customized course for your group or event.

Raw Local Honey 

We keep our honey simple; extract it from the comb, then bottle it. Extracted in small batches, we separate it by apiary and the time of year it was produced. We make sure our honey never gets hotter than it would in a beehive to preserve its flavour and medicinal value. We don’t run it through fine filters to remove pollen or crystallized honey. This does mean our honey will not stay liquid for long, but we hope you’ll enjoy experiencing the full spectrum of flavour and texture our raw honey has to offer!

Our honey is currently available at:

  • The Mustard Seed Cooperative, 460 York Blvd., Hamilton, ON.
  • Cannon Coffee Co., 179 Ottawa St N, Hamilton
  • Donut Monster, 246 Locke Street South
  • Mickey McGuire’s Cheese, 51 King Street West, Dundas, ON.
  • The Hamilton Store, 165 James Street North, Hamilton
  • grupetto, 64 Hatt Street, Dundas
  • Work Progress, 337 James Street North, Hamilton
  • Denningers, all locations
  • Eatwell, 225 John Street South, Hamilton
  • Select Metro Stores, including both Dundas locations (Osler Drive & Governer’s Road), Guelph (Edinburgh & Stone Road)
  • Black Creek Community Farm, 4929 Jane St. Toronto

Contact Us for wholesale enquiries in the Greater Hamilton Area.

Beeswax, Candles, and Gifts

We’re adding new products all the time! Check out our pure beeswax candles from organically managed beehives. Clean-burning, all natural, and long-lasting, beeswax candles actually clean your air while they burn by generating negative ions! We offer an assortment of candles or pure wax for your own projects. Contact us for a wholesale price list.

Beehive Equipment & Beekeeping Tools and Accessories

Humble Bee now offers a curated selection of essential beekeeping equipment and tools for sale.


Want to get a close up look at a beehive, but not interested in becoming a beekeeper? Sign up for our Beehive Tour and get a guided tour through a beehive! See the Queen Bee, taste honey straight from the hive, take some pictures, get answers for your bee related questions, and take home a jar of Humble Bee raw honey.

Contact us to enquire about booking a tour for a group or company!

Top-Bar Beekeeping

We offer nucleus colonies and lessons specific to top-bar style hives. Contact Us for more information.

Swarm Removal

We will catch swarms of honeybees for no charge! Swarm season is typically May-June. If you have a swarm of honeybees please contact us ASAP with a photo, as the bees usually only stick around for 24 hours before leaving to establish a new colony in a hollow tree or a void in a structure.

Visit our online store or contact us with any inquiries.